Dakin Farm

Industry: Food
Machine: ROM Fusion Strapping Machine 800 x 600-5MM


Hi Kristyn,

Our direct to consumer food shipments are completely “off the charts” right now! Honestly, it is more like November of “early Christmas” than March/April. Since March 24 we shipped 3,000 parcels.


Given the rapid and extreme increase in demand, I have personally spent a lot of time supervising new and temporary employees in pick/pack.


I have to say, I fondly look at, run, introduce to new employees and cherish our new strapping machine during the time as I did during the holiday season.


We have two more rolls of strapping in stock and they each last a very long time even at high volume.


The strapping machine is the perfect fit for us and it is running flawlessly! Our packages look so much better with a strap on them rather than messy tape and the whole process is much quicker and more professional. Anyone can run the machine and it is super quick! The packages always look great!


I am really glad you reached out to me at the perfect time and that you were able to provide me with this excellent solution for my business!


Stay safe! Thanks again for reaching out; you’re the best!


Thank you!

Sam Cutting IV, President


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Phoenix Printing, Inc.

Industry: Printing
Machine: ATS CE Series 240/30 Banding Machine
Dear Jill,

We bought our CE240 September 12, 2012 for a specific banded envelope order and the machine has done a great job for us. The customer service was very good from my initial contact (Thank you Amy). After the first three or four months Bob Gardner called to find out if we were happy with the machine and if I needed anything. As with all machines something happens. A jam up or it gets re-adjusted by a well meaning employee. The rare time we have a problem Bob has the answer. Once we had to return the machine and he turned it around in a couple of days. Every four to 6 months Bob e-mails (or calls) just to check up and to make sure our machine is performing well.

Several days ago our machine started acting up. After several attempts to get it going our maintenance man decided we had to box it up and send it back.

I contacted Bob to see if he could help us before we sent it in for repair. He asked for some video to show what demonstrated the problem. He also said he would tell us if we did NOT need to return it and could fix it here.

After reviewing our video, Bob sent back a video showing us potential problem areas and needed adjustments. The next morning there was another video waiting for us. This one offered some more detail. Once our maintenance man looked at the videos he was able to quickly find the problem and get us back up and running.

Our CE240 Bander does what we were told it would do with minimal down time (which is usually self inflicted). From my experience if someone from Wexler Packaging tells you something you can believe it. They could teach some companies a thing or two (or three or four) about Customer Service.

Thanks again to both you and Wexler; for helping make us a greener company.

Toby H. Hoyt

Braintree Printing, Inc.

Industry: Printing
Machine: ATS MS Series 420/30 Banding Machine
Hi Kristyn,

I just wanted to thank you for showing us the future of packaging. Our efforts to become a greener company here at Braintree Printing, has been helped immensely with our purchase of your Wexler Banding machine.
It is truly a remarkable machine. It uses virtually no electricity, requires no set up and produces zero heat. The small footprint helps as well.
We have had ours for two years and our customers love the ease in which they can remove the bands.
We shut our shrink-wrapper off most days and only use it when we get a specific request.
Thanks again to both you and Wexler; for helping make us a greener company.

Steve Hawes
Bindery Manager

Curry Printing

Industry: Printing/Graphics
Machine: ATS CE Series 240/30 Banding Machine
Hi Eric,

It’s working great! It is my favorite machine in the shop.

Thank you,

Chuck Lobaugh
Owner/General Manager

Tri-State Envelope Corporation

Industry: Manufacturing (Envelopes)
Machine: FSBA Feeder, Stacker, Bander with Auto-Loader

We purchased our banding machine in February ’09, and use it multiple shifts daily. The bander fulfils all of our needs and I would highly recommend it. Ease of set-up and operation; quick changeover times make this a valuable addition to our production line, it dramatically increased productivity over our old process.


Robert Earls
Plant Manager

Vertis Communications

logo vertis
Industry: Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising
Machine: ATS US-2000 AD Banding Machine

When we first looked at paper banding it was directly related to a customer’s request for specific type and material (paper) banding. After some investigating and demonstrations we decided on the Wexler US-2000 machine. The equipment exceeded all of our expectations and was able to keep up at web press speeds delivering multiple out product. Product was delivering at speeds of 280,000 pieces/hour and were banding in groups of 25 copies. (6,000 straps/hr per unit).

Because of the integrity of the banding we have been able to convert other clients using plastic (poly bags or shrink-wrapping) to the paper banding method. This was a significant labor savings because the banding could be done in-line with the web press. Previous method required a separate off-line operation.

One of the compelling factors in our decision to purchase the Wexler brand was the very strong knowledge Danielle Ritenuti (our sales representative) had of the equipment. During the demonstration Danielle set-up and operate all functions of the equipment. I thought if she knows the equipment this well they must have outstanding training and service. We have not been disappointed with either.

Jim Goff
Operations Manager

Whitman Packaging Corporation

whitman packaging corp. logo
Industry: Packaging/Cosmetics
Machine: ATS US-2000 Corner Line Banding Machine
Dear Pattie,

Just wanted to thank you for the help you provided us in obtaining the ATS-US-2000 Corner Line Automatic Banding Machine. This piece of equipment has been a big help in increasing our throughput and productivity, at minimal cost. We are now able to band our “Core Inventory” at a much faster pace, and with the small footprint ease’s our already tight space situation. I would also like to thank Eric Chesko for his help in set-up and maintenance training for our Mechanic staff. The customer commitment displayed by your group and yourself has been a great experience.

In conclusion I hope we can do more projects together in the future. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you.

Wayne Lauper
Director of Manufacturing

Premier Brands of America, Inc.

Industry: Medical/Healthcare
Machine: ATS US-2000 LD & ATS CE Series 240/30MM Banding Machines

Premier Brands of America is a private labeler of foot care products sold primarily to chain drug stores. Significant volumes of product are wrapped and packed each day for shipment. The Wexler Automatic Banding machines play a major role in making this happen and providing a ship worthy package to our customers.

We have eight Wexler banding machines, which work for us 8 hours/day five days a week. These reliable workhorses band tens of thousands of product every week, which successfully survive shipment throughout the United States and Canada.

These machines load and operate and adjust for various products easily, a must in our business with high volume and equally high variety.

We have always found Wexler responsive and helpful to our needs. They provide a fine product with excellent support.

Paul O. Yannell
Plant Manager

S & S – A Consolidated Graphics Company

Industry: Graphics/Printing
Machine: ATS CE 240/30MM Banding Machine
Dear Wexler Packaging Products,

I wanted to send you this letter to let you know how much we appreciate Wexler Packaging and Danielle Ritenuti. We were in need of a new paper bander and Danielle was willing and able to get us a demo unit. We were able to bring the machine into our shop to test. Although we did not choose that particular model, we did settle on the Wexler CE240/30MM model. This particular model suited our needs and met our customer’s requirements.

We have been extremely happy not only with the machine itself, but with the outstanding service that Danielle provided. I am sure if it had not been for her approach we would not have this new machine in our shop.

Also included but not limited to is the service department at Wexler. Any issues we have had with older machines, Wexler’s service department gets to them, and troubleshoots them, and has them out the door in quick order. This is a huge help since we basically use all of the paper bander’s we have on a daily basis.Thanks again Wexler for a job well done.


David LePard

E-Z Stitches

e-z stitches logo
Industry: Manufacturing
Machine: Loop Plus Strapping Machine
Dear Ms. Ritenuti,

Thanks for the call last week checking on the delivery and operation of our Loop Plus banding machine. All is well here. After uncrating the machine, we followed the directions of the sales support staff and in no time the Loop Plus was up and banding various packages for practice. After a little practice we were banding products for delivery to our customers.

You may ask yourself, why is an embroidery company purchasing a Loop Plus banding? E-Z Stitches is a commercial embroiderer of numerous garments, including martial arts products-specifically karate belts. The Loop Plus provides a secure band around a difficult product, and ultimately delivers a quality image to our customers. The variable strap length is a great feature for our product banding requirements. Truly, the Loop Plus is versatile, very mobile (we have it on a wheeled cart) to move to other shop locations and durable. All in all, an economical and valued addition to our company’s output processes.

The Wexler Company has delivered on time, and with great support. I appreciate your dedication to E-Z Stitches. You have made this acquisition very E-Z. Your product knowledge was superior and I didn’t rely on the proverbial telephone tag, “I’ll get back to you.” You are a great asset to your company. I am please to provide this testimonial for Wexler, yourself and your products. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jim Serritella
V.P. E-Z Stitches

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (Mars Fishcare, Inc.)

aquariumpharma logo
Industry: Manufacturing
Machine: ATS US-2000 AD Banding Machine
Dear Pattie,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great product and customer service. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals purchased an ATS US-2000 Banding Machine from Wexler Packaging in 2003. We use 50mm Foamed Banding material to band three different products that use cardboard “Milk Carton” style packages. We were able to remove a Work-in-Process step in the manufacturing process that has saved us approximately $15.5K per year in production costs. This machine allowed us to reduce our leadtime on these products by 3 days! The bander is fast and easy to use – our packaging associates like using it right on the filling line. In the rare instance that our bander malfunctions, Wexler Packaging’s assistance has been courteous and speedy. Please count us as one of your satified customers and feel free to use us as a reference.


Denise P. Roberts
Continuous Improvement Manager

Guardian Drug Company

Guardian Drug Logo

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Machine: ATS US-2000 AD & ATS US-2000 Corner Line Banding Machines

Dear Wexler Packaging Products,

We want to thank you for your assistance over the past few years with our purchase of your banding systems. We decided to purchase two more automated banding solutions from Wexler after our shrink wrapping machine was too troublesome. The shrink wrapper required several operators, created excess heat and the quality of the bundles was very poor. Wexler offered us the perfect solution. It was the Corner Line Automatic Banding Machine. Our multi-operator production line was reduced by one person and increased our production output, while our bundle quality drastically improved. In addition, our material costs decreased by using banding material instead of shrink wrap. This machine will pay for itself in less than a year and a half!

Thank you for your great service and expertise.

Your loyal customer,

Pankaj Shah

Plant Manager

American Banknote Corporation

american bank note logo

Industry: Manufacturing

Machine: ATS CE 240/30 Banding Machine

Dear Wexler Packaging Products,

Just wanted to send a letter of appreciation to let you folks know how much we love the CE 240/30mm model that we purchased. At ABnote in Boston we are primarily a gift card/ credit card manufacturer. Last year we started a new project producing passport books for another country. One of my projects was to find a banding machine that was easy to use and durable for this project which is over 2,400,000 passports. I had visited our other plant in Tennessee and noticed they had a Wexler Banding machine that had to be over 10 years old. They told me how easy to use and durable the machine was over that time period. I took note and started investigating Wexler Banding Machines.

I contacted your people there and in very short time Kristyn Shaner called me to set up a demo. First off Kristyn was fantastic. She came to our facility with the machine and offered to leave it for 5 days for demo purposes. Kristyn was very knowledgeable about the machine and other banding equipment. She went through the machine top to bottom and demonstrated how easy it was to use and set up. Kristyn also went out of her way to stay in direct contact with me to see how things were going. Needless to say we didn’t even wait the 5 days to decide to purchase. Wexler Banding is very lucky to have a salesperson like Kristyn.

Our operators love the machine. It takes up such a small footprint but accomplishes a huge job. We have bundled over 500,000 passports already and haven’t had one issue with the machine. Once again just wanted to thank you for such great service. We have many new projects ahead of us and Wexler will be the only company I will contact if additional banding equipment is needed.


Kevin Laws

Lead Personalization Technician