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Industry: Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising
Machine: ATS US-2000 AD Banding Machine

When we first looked at paper banding it was directly related to a customer’s request for specific type and material (paper) banding. After some investigating and demonstrations we decided on the Wexler US-2000 machine.

The equipment exceeded all of our expectations.

The equipment was able to keep up at web press speeds delivering multiple out product. Product was delivering at speeds of 280,000 pieces/hour and were banding in groups of 25 copies. (6,000 straps/hr per unit).

Because of the integrity of the banding we have been able to convert other clients using plastic (poly bags or shrink-wrapping) to the paper banding method. This was a significant labor savings because the banding could be done in-line with the web press. Previous method required a separate off-line operation.

One of the compelling factors in our decision to purchase the Wexler brand was the very strong knowledge Danielle Ritenuti (our sales representative) had of the equipment. During the demonstration Danielle set-up and operate all functions of the equipment. I thought if she knows the equipment this well they must have outstanding training and service.

We have not been disappointed with either.

Jim Goff Operations Manager