Premier Brands of America, Inc.






Industry: Medical/Healthcare
Machine: ATS US-2000 LDĀ & ATS CE Series 240/30MM Banding Machines

Premier Brands of America is a private labeler of foot care products sold primarily to chain drug stores. Significant volumes of product are wrapped and packed each day for shipment. The Wexler Automatic Banding machines play a major role in making this happen and providing a ship worthy package to our customers.

We have eight Wexler banding machines, which work for us 8 hours/day five days a week. These reliable workhorses band tens of thousands of product every week, which successfully survive shipment throughout the United States and Canada .

These machines load and operate and adjust for various products easily, a must in our business with high volume and equally high variety.

We have always found Wexler responsive and helpful to our needs. They provide a fine product with excellent support.

Paul O. Yannell Plant Manager
Premier Brands of America Mount Vernon , NY