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Industry: Packaging/Cosmetics
Machine: ATS US-2000 Corner Line Banding Machine

Dear Pattie,

Just wanted to thank you for the help you provided us in obtaining the ATS-US-2000 Corner Line Automatic Banding Machine. This piece of equipment has been a big help in increasing our throughput and productivity, at minimal cost. We are now able to band our “Core Inventory” at a much faster pace, and with the small footprint ease’s our already tight space situation. I would also like to thank Eric Chesko for his help in set-up and maintenance training for our Mechanic staff. The customer commitment displayed by your group and yourself has been a great experience.

In conclusion I hope we can do more projects together in the future. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you.

Wayne Lauper Director of Manufacturing
Whitman Packaging