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4 Packaging Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The packaging world is full of variables that play into the impact a products’ packaging makes on the end user. Does your packaging maintain it’s integrity, from manufacturing to the shelves? Is your product easy for consumers to open? What is your cost per unit, and does that pass along extra costs, or savings, to the consumer? Here, we’ll take a look at four areas that often feel pain from packaging, and ways to combat those challenges.  

Being able to keep up with consumer demands is essential. If you have a labor-intensive or inefficient packaging process, are you able to fulfill all your orders in a timely manner? The quicker you can get products out for distribution, the more your throughput will increase. Some processes are more time consuming, or require more labor, which leaves room for human error or injuries. With a more automated solution like banding, you can repurpose labor, reduce or eliminate injuries, and increase speeds, which overall will increase productivity and allow you to keep up with demands.

We all know costs are growing, and costs are associated with every part of the packaging process. Prices of labor, materials, equipment, shipping, etc. One way to reduce costs is by reducing the amount of materials being used. Less materials equals less costs in itself. Less materials also means less weight, which equals lower shipping costs. For a company doing certain steps manually, switching to banding allows you to reduce labor, which can be repurposed elsewhere. It can also reduce injuries, as mentioned, which decreases costs associated with workers compensation. When you streamline your process by investing in a more sustainable solution like banding, you’ll find that it opens doors to savings of all sorts.

Another way to reduce costs while increasing sustainability is to use better materials. Often times, products have a lot of excess packaging. And that excess packaging isn’t always made of the greatest materials. Banding uses a paper or poly film, which is better for the environment and considerably more sustainable than other alternatives, such as rigid plastic, shrink wrap, poly bags, and more. It also reduces the amount of materials needed altogether, so you achieve savings all around!

Traditional packaging methods leave room for damage to your products. These methods, such as shrink wrapping, rigid strapping, etc. effect the integrity of the product which either doesn’t look great on shelves or has to be discarded entirely. Some companies even factor overruns into their budget to make up for damaged products. But what if they didn’t have to? Stop producing overruns by switching to ultra-sonic banding! Banding can reduce the need for overruns, protect your edges, and eliminate damage completely.

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