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5 Advantages of Paper Banding

When it comes to primary and secondary packaging, the materials you use can make a significant impact on vendors and consumers, and you want that impact to be a positive one. Your products should be able to look attractive and stand out on shelves while still benefitting the environment and reducing waste and costs. ATS-Tanner banding systems are capable of running paper and poly film, both of which have significant benefits. Today, we’re going to take a look at the five biggest advantages of banding with paper material.

Paper-based packaging is the most environmentally friendly option, and banding uses the least amount of material possible necessary for your application. So you’re using less materials, which means less waste, and you’re using a safer, more sustainable material, which means less harmful to the environment than other alternatives like plastic.

With reducing the amount of material used comes savings in resources alone. And using paper banding material is inherently a more cost-effective option. So you’re saving on the material and the amount utilized, and that savings gets passed down to consumers.

Simply put, paper tears. While banding material is coated to ensure durability and sealing strength, it can easily be removed by ripping it, which your vendors and customers will love. Clerks can stock store shelves with display-ready packaging by tearing the band off and loading it on the shelf in a fraction of the time. This saves retailers on labor costs, sharp tools needed to remove other non-tearable materials, and workman’s compensation claims due to injuries from sharp objects.

Paper banding reduces waste as it is less cumbersome than other alternatives which typically use excess material, and it has the added bonus of recyclability capabilities. Because trees pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the carbon gets locked up in that paper material. Thus, it doesn’t release additional carbon dioxide into the environment, much like plastic does when it’s made.

All ATS-Tanner banding material can be pre-printed, and that includes paper. White or brown paper will give your package that natural, organic look and feel. Paper can even be pre-printed with a glossy or matte finish. Logos, ingredients, directions, and any other branding components can be imprinted on your band using up to 10-colors, on material from 20mm wide up to 100mm wide.


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