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6 Benefits of Branding with Banding

5 minute read

Branding with banding. What exactly does it mean? Well first, let’s start with branding. Branding is a useful marketing tool that allows a company to be easily recognized using an attractive design. It should make a memorable, lasting impression on consumers, and can be used to distinguish yourself from other companies. Branding is crucial to a company because it determines how people perceive your brand, which can greatly increase business value. Branding with banding allows companies to brand their product(s) with a band, or in other words, brand a product while simultaneously cutting down on materials, thus increasing your savings. It uses the real estate of a band to brand a product. It’s the smart way to bundle, label, and multipack. Banding using printed bands to bundle multiple products, or label single products, opens the door to a new realm of possibilities.

Benefit #1: Savings

It’s the most cost-effective choice for labeling consumer foods and other goods. It allows for the ability to replace pricier materials like cardboard or pressure sensitive labels with a paper or film band that uses no adhesive. It can also cut down on labor, energy, and waste. Whether using a stand-alone bander or a system that is fully automated, your product is quickly labeled or bundled with zero damage or residue.

Benefit #2: Imprinted Materials

Printed material widths range from 20mm all the way up to 100mm (or 4”) and all paper and film can be imprinted with up to 10 colors. The band surface can be used for marketing and/or product information, including logos, nutritional facts, company identification, barcodes, and much more. There is also an option to utilize the second side of the band for additional real estate, where you can put recipes, coupons, and more.

Benefit #3: Variable Data

Banding offers an option for on-demand printing. This allows variable information to be printed directly on the pre-printed band. This is beneficial for products that may need various weights printed, prices, names, item numbers, origin, etc. Variable data adds an important traceability factor, which is especially important for the food industry. With ongoing contamination outbreaks that we see so often in the news, traceability and the ability to print variable data, like what farm something originated from, is essential.

Benefit #4: Promotions

BOGO – something I’m sure we’ve all seen before. It’s a promotional concept that tells the consumer they can purchase two items for the price of just one. This is just one example of promotional opportunities offered with banding. Multi-packing allows for single products to be bundled together, and using printed banding material, that offer can be advertised right on the band.

Benefit #5: Safety

The possibilities are endless with pre-printed material and the option for on-demand printing. With the ability to print on up to a 4” wide band, and the option to print on the second side, there is quite a bit of real estate available for you to include all pertinent information that the consumer may need to know. The origin of the product, nutritional facts, ingredients, allergy information, etc. are just a few examples of components that consumers may look for when shopping. However, the safety aspect of banding doesn’t just refer to the consumer’s safety, but also to the safety of your product. Tension control and adjustable seal strength are just two of the many settings that banding systems offer. This allows your product to be banded as tightly or as gently as it requires, without causing any damage. The fact that it also uses no adhesive removes additional risks that pressure sensitive labels may cause. It is important to keep in mind any potential damage that packaging can cause to your product to give consumers the best possible buying experience, and with banding, that potential damage from packaging is removed.

Benefit #6: Sustainable

The desire for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging is on the rise. It impacts the consumers experience when they purchase something that uses excess packaging materials and may be more difficult to open. More and more companies nowadays are trying to do their part by reducing packaging materials and consumers are noticing. By swapping out more common packaging methods with a band, which can not only bundle or multipack but can also be used as a label, a great amount of supplies could be reduced. Banding also holds the integrity of the product so that it ends up in the consumers hand exactly as intended.

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