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6 Ways to Reuse Packaging

3 minute read

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve all heard it before, but how can we ensure it is followed? It is up to the consumer to know the rules of their municipality and execute it properly, but even if we do, we don’t actually get to see where it ends up or how it is reused. Here are a few common household items that you can reuse on your own and know exactly where it ends up!

Water Bottles – create a mini greenhouse by slicing the bottoms off plastic bottles and stick over your little sprouts that you’ve potted in soil. The see-through bottle acts as an incubator to help keep soil evenly moist while blocking drafts and allowing you to keep an eye on their progress. Or cut holes in a bottle and feed wooden spoons through it for a perch, fill with bird seed and you have yourself a bird feeder!

Mason Jars – lots of options here! Take wide-mouth mason jars, with each lid’s metal insert replaced by a piece of plexiglass to allow the sun’s rays to power the solar cell through the lid. Glue a solar cell light to the underside of each lid. Coat the interior of the jar with frosted glass spray and leave in a spot where they’ll get direct sunlight, and voila! A Solar lantern. Another idea is to use for storage. Decorate the jar to your liking and glue a cabinet knob to the top, fill with cotton balls, q-tips, or tissues to keep your bathroom more organized in a resourceful way.

Egg Cartons – poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage and fill to about ¾ capacity with potting soil. Plant seeds and set in a sunny window. You can cut each cup from the tray and plant after seedlings sprout and watch them grow! Or, remove the top of the carton and paint or cover with fabric, then use to store rings, earrings, chains, and other jewelry items. You can also store paper clips, rubber bands, push pins and other office supplies.

Peanut Butter Jars – save these jars and their lids to use to store snacks like crackers, cereal, etc. This can work with coffee creamer bottles too. It’s also a good idea to keep nuts, bolts, nails, screws and other hardware organized in these jars for easy identification quick access.

Toilet Paper Rolls – organize cables and cords by placing about 18 cardboard toilet paper rolls into a shoebox and filling each one with a neatly folded cord. The cords will stay in place and tangle free.

Perfume Bottles – next time you have an empty perfume bottle, don’t throw it away! Keep it to put flowers or nice branches in as a nice touch to your nightstand or vanity. Even add a drop of essential oil to the water for a fresh smelling room.


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