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Welcome to our blog! We are Wexler Packaging Products and we’re here to discuss the in’s and out’s of the entire packaging industry. Everything from benefits of banding, to saving the environment, increasing dollar savings, sustainability, traceability, How-to’s, preventing damage to your products, innovations, the future of packaging, social media, trends, and more. Let’s start with the basics. Here at Wexler, our machines cater to 7 key industries – Manufacturing, Graphics, Corrugated, Food, Pharmaceutical, Laundry, and Logistics/E-Commerce. We offer solutions that you may not even know you need yet.

Solution #1: Banding

What is banding? It’s the application of a film or paper material of various widths, thicknesses, and colors that is ultra-sonically welded or heat sealed and can be used to brand your product, bundle multiple products together, or offer individualized printing unique to each product. Banding allows for the elimination of shrink wrap, poly-bagging, and chipboard boxes. It uses no adhesive, so you avoid sticky residue or attracting dirt, it is durable and reliable, offers tension control, and unitizes products in one easy step.

Solution #2: Linerless labels

Linerless labels are a fitting alternative for food packaging. They reduce package waste by 60% and are available in various paper or synthetic material. They do not have backing paper like traditional p/s labels and can adhere to a wide range of products such as clamshells, trays, and skin packs. Linerless labels can replace typical sleeve and label applications with an environmental, economic, and functional alternative.

If banding and linerless labeling do not suit your product, we have other packaging solutions as well. Wexler helps companies find a process that works best for you and your product. These other solutions could be shrink wrapping machines, strapping equipment, tying machines, rubber banders, and more.

Our mission here at Wexler is to provide alternative packaging/bundling solutions to all industries with commitment to deliver products, and service exceeding expectations, ever conscious of the changing needs of industries. But there are countless packaging companies out there. So why should you plant a seed with Wexler? For many reasons – we are always on, with technical support 24/7, exceptional customer service, a knowledgeable staff, trusted advisors who will steer you in the right direction, a strong inventory, free service training, and more. We go above and beyond to serve our customers, and through this blog, you’ll get insider info on the wonderful world of packaging and see first-hand how our solutions are the ideal solutions.

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