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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

“When it comes to banding, Wexler has it all wrapped up!”

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    Don’t allow rigid strapping to damage your corrugated. Ultrasonic banding for corrugated packaging secures boxes with zero damage, protecting your edges while eliminating overruns. Ultrasonic banding is the way of the future for printed or litho-laminated corrugated stacks. Banding has transformed the corrugated bundling world and the reason is simple: damage. When a stack of corrugated boxes is strapped, it can cause damage to the top two and the bottom two boxes in the stack. This damage is irreparable, and product is then lost. Companies have to produce that much more product to make up for losses, resulting in money lost from the damaged boxes, labor spent producing more, and energy from the machines running longer. That’s where banding comes in. 


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    Ultrasonic banding promises zero damage to your product. We have several ATS-Tanner banding systems, stand alone and automation, that gently apply a band around your stack of corrugated, giving it a secure weld while protecting your edges. The material gently tensions down around the stack and is ultrasonically welded to itself using no heat or adhesive. This guarantees a stack that is securely unitized without causing any damage. We have machines available in a large range of arch sizes and if going the automation route, we have machines that provide 3 or 4-sided alignment. The technology featured in the systems designed for corrugated focuses on the pain points associated with standard strapping.

    As mentioned, traditional corrugated packaging systems leave room for damage to your products. These methods, such as shrink wrapping, rigid strapping, etc. effect the integrity of the product which either doesn’t look great on shelves or has to be discarded entirely. Some companies even factor overruns into their budget to make up for these damaged products. You can stop producing overruns by switching to ultrasonic banding! Banding can reduce the need for overruns by protecting your edges and eliminate damage completely.


    Paper/Poly Banding
    We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width....

    When bundling corrugated, you’re met with a heap of benefits such as cost savings on material – a thin but strong paper or poly band versus excess plastic wrap or thick plastic strapping material is much better for your budget. Banding can also allow stacks of corrugated to be palletized for transportation without the additional outer carton. 
    Taking it a step further, our automated systems are capable of taking the feeding and alignment out of your manual process. Automated corrugated packaging machines can seamlessly integrate into your production line and based on your needs, our team can work with you to provide you with the most efficient, cost-effective solution possible.