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E-Commerce / Logistics

E-Commerce and Logistics are booming, and online retail packaging is craving a more sustainable solution. Banding allows you to secure boxes and bundle items for easy shipping. If you are securing or unitizing for transportation or shipping, we have a solution for you…banding! Common methods for this include using costly, excess materials that may not be the best for the environment. The demand for sustainably reducing materials and lowering shipping costs is on the rise and banding allows you to meet these demands. 


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The online shopping retail industry is projected to increase immensely over upcoming years. Trillions of dollars worldwide are spent by consumers in the e-commerce industry. That’s a lot of products, which means a lot of waste potential, or savings potential. Unlike retail packaging, packaging for e-commerce must be more durable. It needs to be able to endure shipping elements such as rough roads, shifting, and dropping that may occur during transportation. Banding provides a secure seal with tension control for tighter or looser bundles, depending on your preference.
Companies have been increasingly setting sustainability goals and looking to reduce as much excess waste as they can while still keeping their products protected. This doesn’t only save on waste, but it also reduces the weight of the package which saves on shipping costs that can trickle down to consumers.
By replacing current packaging processes with banding and common packaging materials with a paper or poly band, you’ll see a significant reduction in the cost of materials as well as your carbon footprint. Banding is also proven to increase throughput and provide positive consumer opening experiences, as well as provide transparency and protection while requiring less unpacking and easy opening.


Paper/Poly Banding
We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width....

We offer systems for e-commerce shipping that hold products together to prevent slipping, mixing up items in orders, and easy loading into mailers or boxes. With the use of thermal transfer printing, you can also print customer names, order numbers, barcodes, and more, directly on the band as it’s being applied to the stack, so orders are never mixed up or separated again. Another method for bundling e-commerce shipments is to secure your item to a cardboard insert with a band. This allows you to completely eliminate excess void fill, while ensuring the product arrives to the end user safely and intact. 
In terms of logistics, we offer equipment that allow you to secure boxes with a paper or poly film band using a fully automated system, capable of digitally measuring for boxes of various sizes. We also offer more compact stand-alone systems for hand-fed securing of boxes.