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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

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Securing graphics and other literature with banding guarantees zero-damage edge protection, while reducing costs, increasing productivity, and eliminating excess packaging waste. Whether you’re looking to bundle precious photos, postcards, information packets, or manuals, your customers deserve protection. Bundling graphics requires the utmost care and security and unitizing with a paper or poly band provides that.


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If you’re in the printing industry, you know that high-quality graphics can easily be damaged by traditional methods like shrink wrapping, rubber banding, adhesives, or no security at all. We are dedicated to working with you to provide solutions that take manual labor and damaging packaging out of the equation while giving you and your end user the ultimate bundle integrity.
As a printer, you need high output in a minimal amount of time. Our systems can be integrated into your production line to replace manual processes like counting, feeding, stacking and aligning, and are reliable for millions of cycles. If you want to take it a step further, our equipment can also print on demand. Print barcodes, lot numbers, customer names, quantities and more so you never lose track of products or mix up bundles.


Paper/Poly Banding
We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width....

We offer systems from operator-fed stand-alone machines all the way up to fully automatic systems that can allow you to cut production times, reduce material costs, and repurpose labor. You can also choose from a variety of materials and material widths. All our paper and poly banding material can be plain, or pre-printed, giving you the opportunity for extra marketing or branding. Replacing common methods like shrink wrapping with a simple paper or poly band shows the customer your dedication to sustainability and allows them to receive undamaged products while still providing an easy opening experience.




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