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Food – Linerless

Linerless labels are attractive labels that have no paper backing. With no paper to peel off, you eliminate all of that waste typically created from traditional p/s labels. Linerless labels only have small strips of adhesive where necessary to fit it’s intended product. 

Linerless labeling in the food industry is growing more traction as the demand for sustainable packaging solutions increases. The rolls of labels create zero liner waste and hold 40% more labels per roll, reducing waste overall by 60%. With formats available for nearly every product, this cost-effective solution is the best label option for vacuum skin packs and MAP seals.

If you’re looking for speed, machine applied labels using the Ravenwood Packaging Nobac 5000 is the way to go. Versatile and durable, the linerless label applicator applies labels at fast speeds with a small footprint of only 4-feet by 2-feet. They are a perfect fit for meat and poultry, fish and seafood, bakery items, ready meals, plant-based “meats,” and produce. 


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Eliminating cardboard sleeves not only reduces waste in a way that benefits the environment, but it also benefits you as a company and your consumers. You will spend less money overall on materials, create less waste, reducing your carbon footprint, not to mention the automation aspect which removes the need for hand-applied labeling. This equipment also eliminates the need to turn packs, reducing the amount of labor involved. It’s overall much more cost-effective and sustainable.

Aside from the waste created by standard pressure sensitive labels, full adhesive backing can attract things like dust, dirt, hair, and other particles that don’t belong near your food. Or if you are using separate labels on the top and bottom of your product, you run the risk of mixing them up and incorrectly labeling something. Linerless labels are one continuous strip so there’s no mixing up labels. Linerless labels also give you more real estate depending on which format you go with. 

You also have the option to add a thermal transfer printer to print variable information like expiration dates, prices, weights, etc. This equipment can label fixed weight products or link directly to weigh-scales for variable weight or check-weight products. It also caters to various label formats for every product. Choose from over 10 label format options including die cut, shaped, top label, full wrap, c-wrap, d-wrap, and more.

Need more security? Ravenwood Packaging launched a piece of equipment called the VXR – vision and x-ray with sapphire technology. This technology can be integrated with the Nobac 5000 and allows products to pass through while being inspected for contaminants, faulty labels, printer errors and poor quality. This inspection system gives you a fully streamlined process that helps to eliminate recalls by checking all printed information, analyzing product for label position, detecting dense mass and identifying foreign bodies such as glass, metal and ceramics. It can also check for points like the number of products and correct position of product in the tray.


Pre-Printed Material
All ultrasonic banding material can be imprinted with your branding or design in up to 12 colors. If you are looking to label, or bundle for multipacks or promotions, you can use any of the paper/poly banding materials imprinted with your custom design. Bundle and label in one easy step!...
Paper/Poly Banding
We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width....




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