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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

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Pharmaceutical requires an added layer of security, traceability, quick and easy removal of packaging, and more. Offering benefits like track and trace, or tear-and-go, to name a few, our pharmaceutical packaging machines are versatile enough to eliminate many pain points often seen in healthcare.

We offer many solutions for banding in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, OTC, cosmetics, and beauty industries. Banding can replace inner cartons, shrink wrap, adhesives, or other materials used for distribution by unitizing with a paper or poly band. Whether you’re bundling small boxes, pharmaceutical inserts, blister packs, flex packs, wipes, etc., banding can take the excess materials and increased costs out of your process, while reducing your carbon footprint. Check out this case study. 


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The healthcare industry loves banding. Why? Well, there’s many reasons. First, it’s clean and safe. We know in the pharmaceutical industry, security and safety is paramount. Banding applies a clean paper or poly band around your product(s) using tension control, so you get a secure seal without damaging your product. It also uses zero adhesive and allows staff to quickly and easily remove the band for more efficient stocking. It minimizes the amount of waste created, unlike alternative methods, and uses more sustainable materials, which are better for the environment.

Automation in the pharmaceutical industry allows you to remove many manual processes and repurpose labor elsewhere, saving you on energy and labor costs. With a small carbon footprint and a reduction of energy, ATS-Tanner banding machines are compact but powerful – taking up minimal production floor space while eliminating several manual steps. 

We offer systems that automate processes such as counting, stacking, gathering, turning, orienting, and so much more. With minimal changeover times and more uniformed outputs, your products can be unitized quickly and efficiently every time. Our trusted advisors will work extensively with you to determine the best system for your product based on several factors including shape, desired orientation, volume, and required speed. 


Paper/Poly Banding
We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width....

In today’s world, knowing where your products came from, and where they have been, is essential. ATS-Tanner banding solutions offer the option for on-demand printing, allowing for traceability. This gives you the opportunity to print variable data such as barcodes, lot numbers, expiration dates, etc. By enhancing your banding system with an in-line printer, this variable data can easily be printed directly on each band in real time for seamless track-and-trace, and the data can easily be updated or changed from product to product if desired.
When it comes to banding, we take your end goal very seriously. These professionally engineered systems can be custom to fit your needs. Take wipes for example. Wipes are an excellent candidate for banding, but depending on their weight, and how slick the package is, we offer an option to apply a small glue dot between slippery products to give your bundle more security.