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Banding Material 101

4 minute read

When it comes to determining your packaging, there are many contributing factors, but it all starts with what types of materials are being used. Did you know that the packaging materials a company uses influences American’s purchasing decisions 67% of the time? With banding, we offer a wide array of materials for a broad range of applications and purposes. While there are many options to choose from, it is also important to find the best fit for your product. In order to find what the best fit is, you need to start by answering a few questions.

What is your end goal? Are you looking to label or brand your item? Maybe you are looking to multi-pack items for promotions or sales. Or perhaps you want to bundle and eliminate shrink wrap, poly bags, or inner cartons for secondary packaging or unitize items for other purposes. Our solutions can be custom to your desired outcome and we have options for many different applications.

Are you looking for plain, or printed material? Plain material can be brown or white paper, white or clear film, or a ribbon-like foamed film that has a little stretch to it available in various colors. Brown paper is ideal for those who want to bundle with a rustic, organic feel, whereas white paper is favored when aiming for a cleaner, sterile look, such as in the pharmaceutical industry. Film is tear resistant for when you need that extra security. But if clear film is your desired look and you’re seeking easy opening, our perforated film was made for you!

If you are looking to label, or bundle for multipacks or promotions, you can use any of the aforementioned materials imprinted with your custom design. Superior banding materials for high-quality products can be imprinted on one or both sides and are protected with a tear-resistant film coating. Brand your band with information like barcodes, nutritional facts, logos, deals and more. We even take it a step further and offer the option to print variable data on demand, such as weights and prices. Bundle and label in one easy step!

While banding offers a variety of material options, it also offers a wide variety of material widths – from 20mm all the way up to 100 mm. Again, what is your end goal? If your goal is labeling, 75 or 100mm gives you the most real estate to work with to ensure brand awareness and that your message is clearly communicated to consumers. If you’re seeking simple bundling, a smaller width material will suffice.

Lastly, we’ll take look at what solution is best for your application. We have a variety of stand-alone machines with a large range of arch sizes. The US-2000 AD is perfect for bundling and multi-packing, while the US-2100 AD is perfect for labeling and branding. Have the need for speed? We also offer solutions that are fully automated, like the ATS US-2000 PIC-STA or the ATS US-2000 SIB-FD, which are both ideal for bundling multipacks with promotional material. Or the ATS US-2000 CL-TS-L or ATS US-2000 MLQ-DTS, which are best for bundling small boxes. Along with a heap of other options across all industries – including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, laundry, graphics, e-commerce, logistics, and corrugated – our automated solutions are sure to increase your productivity and reduce the amount of waste and energy produced.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to banding, and with a wide variety of material options and solutions available, we’re certain we’ll have a fit for you.


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