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Beyond the Band

By now, you probably have a grasp on the basics of banding: paper or poly film bundling products together to replace inner cartons, shrink wrap, and other excess materials, or a smart way to label using minimal printed materials. But there is a lot more to our banding technology and systems than just bundling or labeling with sustainable materials. Do you know how many standard and custom options banding offers? Especially when it comes to automation, the possibilities are endless. Here, we are going to go through some of the best options that the banding world has to offer.

In today’s world, knowing where your products came from, and where they have been, is essential. ATS-Tanner banding solutions offer the option for on-demand printing, allowing for traceability. This gives companies the option to print variable data such as barcodes, recipes, weights, expiration dates, prices, etc. By enhancing your banding system with an in-line printer, this variable data can easily be printed directly on each band in real time, and the data can easily be updated or changed from product to product if desired.

Depending on your production line, sometimes you need more than just unitizing. If your product is one that needs to be collated, oriented, turned, or stacked, we have you covered! Our equipment can be made to do just that. Various configurations are possible, depending on if you require stacks of 2, 3, 4, etc., or even configurations of 2×3, 3×2, 3×4, etc.

If you are bundling graphics or corrugated stacks, alignment is important. Aligned banded stacks ensure a tighter, more secure bundle. In the graphics industry, many times if you are banding straight off the cutter, these machines can include a counter and feeder system that will count graphics and feed them into the bander. This guarantees you are getting perfectly bundled stacks in your desired quantities, every time.

Do you have the need for speed? Depending on what you require for throughput, we offer options from one hemisphere to the other. Our stand-alone systems band at the speed of it’s operator and are more affordable for those who may be just starting out with banding, or don’t require the highest speeds. On the other hand, we have systems that house up to four banders, getting you maximum speeds of four times what a single bander can do.

Not all products are packaged the same, or with the same materials. If you are bundling products together outside the realm of standard small boxes, graphics, corrugated stacks and laundry, and depending on the material it’s made of, sometimes they need a little extra security. Take wipes for example. Wipes are an excellent candidate for banding, but depending on their weight, and how slick the package is, we offer an option to apply a small glue dot between slippery products to give your bundle more security. We also offer double and cross-banders. Double banding can be ideal for wide or tall stacks of graphics or corrugated, for example, while cross banding can be beneficial for cumbersome or heavier products, both for added stability.

As far as possibilities go, like we said, they’re endless when it comes to banding. Our automatic banding systems can be custom made to have a wide range of options integrated in, depending on what your product requires. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

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