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Ditching the E-Commerce Waste

Consumers are online shopping more than ever before, and the increase is only accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The online shopping retail industry is projected to increase 67% by 2023. By 2021, $4.48 trillion dollars worldwide is expected to be spent by consumers in the e-commerce industry. That’s a lot of products, which means a lot of waste potential, or savings potential. Think of the savings that could be achieved if all product packaging were scaled back to use smarter materials and reduce the excess, unnecessary packaging.

Think about the last time you received something you ordered from the internet. How much, if any, excess packaging was used? The purpose of packaging is to protect a product. Is there anything that can be eliminated? Brands have been increasingly setting sustainability goals and looking to reduce as much excess waste as they can while still keeping their products protected. This shouldn’t only save on waste, but it also reduces the weight of the package which saves on shipping costs that will trickle down to consumers.

Aside from reducing waste, the packaging associated with online purchases needs to provide an experience in itself to make up for the lack of in-person service. Using heavy, cumbersome materials like thick plastics, cardboard, and other bulky materials or excess plastic can make the opening experience a frustrating or negative one. Ensuring you give consumers a positive opening experience not only leaves a pleasant taste in their mouths but reassures consumers of your brand values.

In a recent survey, 63% of those surveyed believe that online fashion orders are delivered in excessive or unsustainable packaging and nearly half said they would pay more for a plastic-free experience. By replacing current packaging processes with banding and common packaging materials with a paper or poly band, you’ll see a significant reduction in the cost of materials as well as your carbon footprint. Banding is also proven to increase throughput and provide positive consumer experiences, as well as provide transparency and protection while requiring less unpacking and easy opening.


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