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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

“When it comes to banding, Wexler has it all wrapped up!”

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    We help companies find the best packaging alternative to what they are currently doing, while helping them to reduce materials, labor, costs, and more.

    We are a distributor, representing ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG in Switzerland for banding machines and materials, Ravenwood Packaging in the UK for linerless labeling, as well as other manufacturers who produce sustainable packaging solutions for tying, stretch bundling, shrink wrapping, counting, and more.

    We love samples! Our trusted advisors will run your samples in our office and return them so that you can feel and see how your product will work with the proposed solution.

    It depends on the machine and options. We offer a wide range of machines within a wide price range. We offer beginner models, stand-alone solutions, all the way up to fully automated systems. Certain machines are also available for purchase as refurbished which can be a more cost-saving option.

    It depends on what your end goal is. We have a huge variety of machines and options, and custom options could also be possible. Our trusted advisors will work extensively with you to guide and advise you on what the best solution for your product will be.

    Banding can replace materials on products that need unitizing, labeling, and/or bundling. Other alternatives include chipboard sleeves, poly bags, shrink wrap, strapping, inner cartons, rubber bands, and more.

    We do not design the labels but we do assist with your artwork. Depending on the type of material you are using for labels, your artwork will either be sent to our manufacturer or to one of our approved label printers.

    This depends on why you are banding and what you are looking to achieve. Our various materials ranging from 15mm up to 100mm have different capabilities. Our trusted advisors would work with you to determine what the best material option would be. This is determined based on preference, either your preference or the preference of your end user.

    You can always alternate between material types – film, brown paper, white paper, printed, etc. Depending on which machine you have, the material width size may be static. However, we now offer options that allow you to switch between 30/50mm and 50/60mm.

    The machines are manufactured by ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG in Switzerland and the materials are sourced/engineered by ATS to run reliably as a system. The machines are made to run this specific material; we inventory the consumables for all of the machines we sell.

    It is not recommended. Doing so can create challenges with the machine’s tolerances and reliability, the equipment warranty may be affected, and it might not run properly and cause issues for you down the road.

    No. The US-2000 machines seal ultrasonically. The only machines that use heat in any capacity are our heat seal machines. However, the machine simply uses heat to seal the band, it does not radiate heat or fumes externally from the machine – great for clean rooms!

    Our new option, TruePaper, is a 100% recyclable banding material made of at least 95% pure virgin fiber paper. Aside from TruePaper, most of the banding material has recyclability. Recyclability all depends on the specific municipality.

    We have Ravenwood-approved label printers that we work with directly to provide you with your labels.

    Very! Our machine controls are very easy to navigate, and our technical support team is always available 24/7 to help guide you through the options and settings.

    Yes! We love banding samples and would encourage you to send some of yours in for us to band and return for your review. We welcome you to visit our showroom. Bring your product(s) in and see for yourself how they will work with our solutions. We also offer in-plant performance demos – we ship a machine to your location so your operators can use them and see how they perform on your production floor.

    This depends on the machine you are purchasing. For standard machines we have in stock, the lead time is much quicker. If you are ordering something custom (i.e. – automation), the lead time may increase.

    All machines are very durable and reliable. They can last decades and perform millions of cycles. We do, however, recommend preventative maintenance, and we offer annual free service trainings to all of our customers. Much like a car, your machine will need some regular TLC to ensure it keeps running smoothly for you.