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Game-Changing Banding Innovations

The packaging industry is constantly evolving, and that means banding solutions are too. ATS-Tanner Banding Systems are leaders in sustainable packaging. Their uniquely engineered systems are designed to streamline your packaging line process for the ultimate savings and efficiency. Ultrasonic banding takes the manual labor out of unitizing, bundling, and labeling, with added customization options such as counting, measuring, feeding, stacking, orienting, and more.

Multi-Width Systems

ATS-Tanner banding systems have always been capable of running different types of material on the same machine. But before now, systems were built with a fixed track, which meant you were committed to the material width on that machine. Now, we are proud to offer a multi-width solution. The ATS US-2000 MD-A not only processes film or paper bands, just like any other ATS-Tanner banding machine, but also different band widths. As always, the quality of the output and performance of the machine will never be compromised, and operators can easily switch to a different band width in around 3 minutes. With a quick and user-friendly swap of the track, alternate between 30mm and 50mm or between 50mm and 60mm for ultimate flexibility.


Times are changing and companies are focusing more on sustainable solutions, while consumers are browsing for more sustainable options on the shelves. Most of our banding material has recyclability to it, already making banding a more environmentally friendly alternative to other materials. According to a recent study, 70% of consumers are likely to be influenced by packaging that demonstrates a concern for the environment.

ATS-Tanner has recently launched a 100% recyclable TruePaper which consists of at least 95% pure virgin fiber paper. TruePaper contains a water-based bonding agent that allows it to seal to itself with either ultrasonic or heat seal technology. It can be pre-printed in full color and allows for on-demand printing for streamlined adhesive-free labeling. In the food industry? TruePaper is grade AA certified according to BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standards and is completely food safe, meeting FDA standards. To take it a step further, ATS-Tanner recently announced TruePaper that is available with at least 50% recycled paper. This allows for the use of less wood, plus a 50% decrease in the amount of energy required and an 80% reduction in how much water is required.

The focus on our planet is growing. An article by Forbes found that 87% of consumers participate, to some degree, in the world of sustainability. These advances in technology that concentrate on the concern for the environment are becoming more and more sought out by consumers. If companies want to keep up with consumer demands, keeping up with advances in the packaging industry is essential.

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