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How Can Banding Promote Your Products?

Promotional offers, BOGO, upselling/cross-selling, multi-packing, driving inventory – these are all capabilities when bundling your products with poly or paper banding material. But how? While many banding applications are unitizing for distribution, using plain paper or poly material, promotions can be achieved by using pre-printed banding material. With a range of materials to choose from all the way from 20mm width up to 100mm, you’re able to print in full color on one or both sides of the material. In addition, on-demand printing is available for variable data and/or traceability.

Applying a pre-printed band to identical products gives you the opportunity to bundle items while offering a promotional discount, helping your product stand out on shelves and keep inventory moving. Not only does this simultaneously brand and bundle, but consumers can easily identify the sustainability aspect. The lack of cumbersome or undesirable packaging tells shoppers that you care about the consumer experience and the environment. Banding replaces traditional methods like chipboard sleeves, cartons, rigid or excess plastic, adhesives, etc. When shoppers see an alternative like ultrasonic banding, which eliminates heat and adhesives, they recognize what it says about that brands’ green initiatives.

Now that we’ve covered the banding of identical products, let’s talk related products. Banding like products – such as a beauty compact and brush, face cream and wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste – helps to promote products that one may not have purchased if it weren’t for it being bundled with the other item(s). This may even bring customers back for more of that new item. Encouraging customers to buy related products banded together can not only generate increased sales, but also show that company’s commitment to reducing waste.

Whether you’re in the health and beauty industry, the food industry, e-commerce, etc., banding is the answer to promoting sales efficiently and sustainably, using minimal materials that are safe for the environment, and your wallet.

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