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Wexler Packaging Products is back from Atlanta, GA, where we spent 3 days exhibiting at IPPE – the International Production & Processing Expo. Over the course of the tradeshow, we made some wonderful new connections, as well as ran into a few familiar faces. IPPE was held from January 28-30 at the Georgia World Congress Center. Our booth had 400 square feet of banding and linerless labeling information and equipment, including the ATS US-2100-R, the ATS US-2000 PIC-STA, and the Ravenwood Nobac 500 and VXR.

Wexler Packaging Products was proud to partner with Ossid, LLC at IPPE 2020. Ossid, LLC – a company that provides tray overwrapping, vacuum skin packaging, and much more – was exhibiting down the aisle in booth #5435. Partnering with this company provided quality vacuum skin pack sealing to our trays being run through the linerless labeling system, and in conjunction, they proudly displayed the Ravenwood Nobac 500 in their booth.

Attendees had the opportunity to stop and watch a brief video highlighting our many solutions using banding and linerless labeling. They also were able to speak with one of our trusted advisors we had on site. We showcased tons of samples for attendees to see and feel for themselves, as well as held live demonstrations of all machines.

With the Ravenwood Packaging equipment, visitors witnessed trays of vacuum skin-packed chicken feed through the Nobac 500, where a linerless label was applied to the tray, and then continue through the VXR – vision, x-ray and seal check technology – to detect errors, defective labels, variable printed information, contaminates, and foreign bodies such as glass, metal, etc. and reject any faulty products. This groundbreaking technology has been proven to reduce the risk of contamination/recalls and increase safety and traceability in food.

Approved trays of chicken could then be taken to the ATS US-2000 PIC-STA. Here, they were fed into the machine by an elevating conveyor belt and then downstacked and banded into multipacks. This machine also has the capability to apply glue in between slippery products, reinforcing the hold between them. At the front of our booth was one of our stand-alone machines, the ATS US-2100-R, where we demonstrated quick and efficient banding of sausage packs.

IPPE allowed us to give attendees a taste of all realms of solutions we have to offer. Our team just loves seeing those wide eyes and dropped jaws when others see how quick and easy the machines are to use and how secure and sustainable the finished products are! Attending from our team was President, Pattie Wexler, along with Tara Utain, Ryan Perlman, Kristyn Shaner, Sean Tobin, Joe Russo, and Megan Dimler.

We aren’t unpacking for long – Wexler Packaging Products will be right back out there at the beginning of March, exhibiting at Pack Expo East in Philadelphia, PA and then at Seafood Processing in Boston, MA the following week. We had a great first 2020 show and would like to thank all of the meat, poultry and processing connections we made and all of those who took the time to visit our booth!

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