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IPPE 2020

Wexler Packaging Products is headed down south soon for IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) in Atlanta, Ga. From January 28th to the 30th, our team will be sizzling up some great connections with fellow companies in the meat and poultry industry. The tradeshow will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center and will feature three halls packed with innovation. You can find us in Hall B – the meat and poultry processing/packaging hall – at booth number 8064. This year, IPPE is expected to bring together over 1,300 exhibitors and 32,000 attendees.

This year, our booth has doubled in size! With 400 square feet to fill, we are pulling out all the stops to showcase the best technology we have to offer. Upon entering our booth, on one side you’ll find the ATS US-2000 PIC-STA. This inline stacking and banding system allows for easy and fast format adjustment and can infeed up to 120 products per minute depending on the stacks, which can vary from 2-12 products per stack. It also has a glue applicator option which can secure products together while banded.

Gaze to the other side of our booth and you can’t miss our linerless labeling technology – the Ravenwood Packaging Nobac 500 and VXR. The Nobac 500 is a versatile linerless labeling system that can apply numerous label formats to a variety of products, eliminating the need to turn packs, and is specifically designed for maximum flexibility and rapid changeover between wrap formats. The VXR – vision, x-ray and seal detection with sapphire technology – is connected to the Nobac 500 and provides vision label inspection and uses x-ray technology to detect contamination and seal quality. The Nobac 500 in conjunction with the VXR provides all of these things allowing for seamless and faultless application of linerless labels to food trays.

Finally, front and center of our booth you’ll find a display of linerless and banded samples along with the ATS US-2100-R, the perfect machine to achieve “Branding with Banding.” This stainless-steel system processes paper and film bands 3” or 4” wide and can apply the band around your bundle using an ultra-sonic seal, eliminating additional costs and labor associated with inner packs. Banding with a wider material, combined with the option of custom imprinting, can instantly turn the large band surface into the perfect advertising/branding platform.

This year, IPPE has 3 goals in mind: Innovation, Education, and Networking. Connecting buyers and sellers of the most innovative technology of products and services to make your business as successful as it can be, allowing others to learn from the experts for both free and fee-based sessions on industry topics with over 8,000 international visitors from 130 countries, and creating new connections with leaders across the industry as well as reconnecting with old contacts. We can’t wait to see what IPPE 2020 has in store for us, and we hope to see you there!

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