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Banding wears many hats – from labeling, to unitizing, bundling, and branding – the possibilities are endless. But did you know that banding can also be used for multi-packs and promoting deals on store shelves? If you’ve seen us talk about banding, you’ve probably seen us mention printed material. By banding multiple items with a printed band, you can advertise deals, promotions, giveaways, and more. Using that band to multi-pack allows you to move inventory quicker and pass along cost savings to consumers.

Multi-packing with banding allows you to offer deals to consumers using a minimal amount of material and get your message across with an attractive shelf appeal. This means you can bundle and move products off the shelf faster than single items, and it shows consumers your brands’ dedication to sustainability. Cardboard sleeves and other materials used to multi-pack can be cumbersome, wasteful and unnecessary. Banding material is thin, but strong, has adjustable sealing strength and is available in tear resistant or tearable material.

Ultrasonic banding uses no heat, glue, or adhesives. When multi-packing food items using shrink wrap, the heat used in the shrink tunnel can affect your products’ shelf life. Banding with an ultrasonic weld removes the heat factor, so you remove the risk of effecting the shelf life during the packaging process. While strong, banding is also gentle on your product. It offers edge protection which results in zero damage during the banding process, so no more having to throw away damaged products.

Finally, multi-packing with banding presents you with a variety of solutions, from stand-alone manual operations to fully automated systems. Our stand-alone machines are capable of banding up to 30 bundles per minute, while some of our fully automated systems can band up to 40 bundles per minute. We even offer solutions with dual systems, which have two banders that allows for high throughput of up to 80 bundles per minute. So if you’re looking to multi-pack or bundle products for promotions, look no further than banding!


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