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IT’S TRUE: Hero Banding Machine Saves The Day

News Release / April 11, 2016

We’ve always known that banding machines help to reduce energy use and costs. For this manufacturer, however, having a banding machine brought entirely new meaning to the phrase “energy savings”.superbander

Here’s what happened:

We came to work yesterday morning and the enrober (the big machine that covers candy in chocolate) didn’t work. It was acting strange but we had no idea what was wrong. We thought it would need to be taken apart, and possibly have the motor replaced.

Meanwhile, out in the store our banding machine was displaying an error message that read: “high voltage- call technician”. The error message made us realize that our other machine was not actually broken. That the issue had to do with the power coming into the building.

When the power company came out to evaluate the situation, they discovered a problem with the sub-station that required immediate attention. We had to shut down until it was repaired.

Without that error message on our banding machine, the substation problem would have gone unnoticed and could have blown out all of our equipment! All is good again today thanks to our banding machine.

Hero. Another thing to add to the list of benefits banding has to offer!

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