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Maintaining Safe Packaging

4 minute read

Now, more than ever, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and others alike, need quality labeling, security and traceability. A product recall can greatly impact a company. There are different tiers of safety a product may need, whether it’s a tight seal, origin information, ingredients, variable data printing, tamper evident seal, etc., and that all links back to its packaging.

Ultrasonic banding allows products to be bundled and/or labeled using a variety of materials and band widths. A wide range of arch sizes also allow for a large range of products. In terms of secure bundling, our banding equipment provides products with adjustable sealing strength and adjustable tension control. Band your product(s) as loosely or tightly as it requires and adjust the sealing strength to be slightly adherent for easy opening, or strong for increased safety.

Recalls happen when you least expect. They can happen to any company and have big implications for your business. Revenue can be lost because of recalled and contaminated products, and the long-term damage done to your brand may take years to repair. As trusted packaging advisors, we offer on-demand printing as an option with our banding equipment and linerless labeling equipment. The ability to print on demand allows for variable data to be added to a product, such as weight, price, dates, origin, etc. In the event of a recall, having that added layer of traceability allows action to be taken immediately and effectively because it can provide concrete information about the location of products and ingredients and the ability to associate ingredients with that finished product.

In the food industry, whether you are a small or large manufacturer, the ability to package your products using material with your brand, ingredients, a barcode, etc. can provide useful information to the consumer as well as be a useful tool for the manufacturer. The scanning of that barcode can be used to track your products and inventory in real-time. These tools could even have the capacity to track each ingredient of a product through the entire supply chain and allows you to locate products quickly. This saves both time and money in the case of a recall and increases the safety of food. In terms of labeling your food, linerless labeling allows for fast and automated labeling of trays with a huge reduction of waste materials, as they have no backing paper to dispose of. On-demand printing can be added to linerless labeling as well, in addition to vision, x-ray, and sealing technology which allows for trays of food to be inspected for contaminants, seal quality, faulty labels and more and be rejected if necessary. 

For the pharmaceutical industry, the ability to bundle products together with a band that contains serialization, or an optional tamper evident seal, allows companies to track products from the manufacturer all the way to the shelf. An estimated 50% of pharmaceutical recalls are related to labeling or packaging design. By securing bundles with a paper or film band that can also contain a barcode and other useful information, you can reduce the number of packaging steps, reduce the amount of materials used and reduce packaging costs.

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