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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

“When it comes to banding, Wexler has it all wrapped up!”

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Pre-Printed Material
All ultrasonic banding material can be imprinted with your branding or design in up to 12 colors. If you are looking to label, or bundle for multipacks or promotions, you can use any of the paper/poly banding materials imprinted with your custom design. Bundle and label in one easy step!
TruePaper allows you to use pre-printed or plain, brown or white paper that is 100% recyclable. This newest option from ATS-Tanner contains a water-based bonding agent that allows it to seal to itself either ultrasonically or using heat seal technology. TruePaper is available in widths ranging from 20mm to 100mm.
Paper/Poly Banding
We stock and supply all banding consumables for our customers and will work with you on your usage to make sure our inventory always remains strong. All of our banding machines can run brown paper, white paper and poly film ranging from 15mm width to 100mm width.
Self-Seal Paper Bands
Self-seal paper bands are one of the foundations of where our story began. A cost-effective option for those looking to band by hand, they come in white or brown paper and can be printed up to 4 colors with your branding.