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    Pack Expo 2021 – RECAP

    It’s been a long time coming but we are back in the swing of tradeshow season! We just touched down from Las Vegas, Nevada at Pack Expo International, which took place from September 27-29. We dipped our toes back in the tradeshow waters last month at SuperCorr in Orlando, Florida. Pack Expo International proved that the industry is essential, and we can all come together safely to reconnect, make new relationships, and execute a successful tradeshow. The show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Wexler Packaging had two booths in the Upper South Hall, both “packed” with endless possibilities for sustainable solutions.

    Our larger booth which took up over 1,600 square feet, was manned by representatives from ATS-Tanner Banding Systems, Wexler Packaging Products, and Felins, USA. Our beautiful printed material and product sample display, which was front and center, caught the attention of many who were interested in branding their product with a band. As far as machinery goes, we had several ultra-sonic stand-alone equipment on display, including the ATS US-2000 AD TTP, ATS US-2000 AST, the stainless steel ATS US-2000 ADU-R, and so much more. In terms of automation, we showed live demonstrations of the ATS US-2000 CL-TS-L, the ATS US-2100 SIB-TTP-R, and the ATS US-2000 TRW-MP – all perfect solutions for automatically bundling products.

    One aisle over, attendees found more Wexler staff displaying 200 square feet of linerless labeling equipment and samples. We held live demonstrations of the new Nobac 5000 by Ravenwood Packaging, running skin pack trays to show attendees the speed and efficiency of linerless labeling. On display we had real examples of perfect linerless opportunities such as sushi, bakery items, meat and fish, ready meals, and more. Guests could also see additional products and information in a short Vegas-themed video displayed in our booth. Jackpot!

    We are glad to report it was such a successful show and we hope it was just the beginning of some new connections and relationships. We thank all of our staff in attendance for their hard work, as well as all of the customers and prospects who visited our booth and allowed us to show them the benefit of our solutions. Our next stop is Atlanta, GA for IPPE from January 25-27. And don’t miss us next year in Chicago, IL for Pack Expo 2022. We hope to see you there!

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