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4 Packaging Myths & Facts

2 minute read

Not all packaging companies or options are created equal. Some offer different solutions than others, serve different industries, use different materials, etc. But here are some myths about the packaging world that we have set straight for you, in hopes that you make the right decisions when it comes to packaging.

1. Packaging adds to waste

Most packaging materials and products today are recyclable or eco-friendly. It adds to waste because people do not recycle properly, or they litter and do not dispose of it appropriately.

2. Packaging is unnecessary

A world without packaging would mean that no liquids, gels or powders would be available, you would not be able to purchase fruits and vegetables out of season, and you would either have to grow your own food or buy it daily. Now, a product may have excess packaging that isn’t necessary. It’s a matter of determining the least amount of packaging your product requires in order to maintain its integrity.

3. Only costly packaging will help with branding

Let us introduce you to “Branding with Banding.” This is a concept that allows you to brand your product with a simple imprinted band with a width option of up to 100mm, or 4”. With that amount of space, you can easily brand your product while safely bundling it at the same time.

4. Sustainable packaging is too expensive

You might be spending more up front for a sustainable solution, but that’s only because conventional packaging is produced on a much larger scale. Sustainable packaging solutions, such as the ATS US-2000 line of machines, are not susceptible to environmental fluctuations like the price of oil like standard plastic is. In the long run, you’ll reap the benefits of saving money on the price per package.

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