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Pharmaceutical Case Study

3 minute read

Replacing common packaging techniques with banding can have limitless possibilities. As distributors for ATS-Tanner Banding Systems, we are proud to be able to offer sustainable packaging solutions that can provide so many benefits to other businesses.

This case study focuses on a large contract pharmaceutical packaging company and addresses several shortcomings in their end-of-line packaging. This customer had been using shrink wrap to bundle boxes prior to packing. After consultations with our trusted advisors, they decided to look at the numbers and investigate the possibility of improving the efficiency and impact of their secondary packaging.

The Objective:

To provide an automated banding solution that reduced material, labor, and energy costs.

The Action Plan:

To replace not only the plastic material, but also the process of shrink wrapping, with paper banding on three production lines, as a reliable means of automated end-of-line bundling.

The Solution:

Our trusted advisors analyzed the objectives and goals of this project and presented the customer with the ATS US-2000 CL-L, a high performance cornerline system which can band up to 30 bands per minute. This solution is completely automated, results in zero damage to products, leaves zero residue, and ensures a high throughput. The customer ultimately saw the projected value in this equipment and made the switch to banding.

The Results:

Before we get into numbers, we’ll mention how quickly this customer saw results and benefits from banding. According to the company, “ROI was less than 17 months for the three automated banders. Finding Wexler Packaging was great for us! The sales team is exceptional!” Within those 17 months, they determined an 11% savings on material costs by switching from plastic to paper. In terms of energy savings, they calculated a savings of $600+ of energy per week. That’s over $31,000 per year. Finally, they were able to repurpose 5 employees, saving $200,000 per year.

The Follow-Up:

With decades of experience and manufacturer training, our service team not only successfully integrated three banding systems, but also helped train operators and technicians in reliability testing and troubleshooting. They also provided managers with 24/7 technical service to address any concerns that may arise.

By replacing shrink wrap with banding for bundling and choosing Wexler Packaging Products as their partner, this customer not only lowered their costs, but also increased reliability and decreased their impact on the environment by reducing material and energy used. If you see the benefits of banding or would like to know more, contact us today!

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