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    ATS MS Series

    Product Description:

    The Wexler ATS-MS Series Heat Seal Banding Machine is compact and lightweight and can easily be converted into a mobile unit with the addition of a dispenser stand.


    • Zero warm up time
    • Easy operation & user friendly
    • Manual, foot, or semi-automatic controls
    • Tension control
    • Compatible with a variety of product sizes
    • Less frontage for smaller products
    • Quick material and roll changes
    • Easily adjustable product guides
    • Steel track with side release


    ATS MS 380/20S380mm (15” inch) opening

    20mm (3/4” inch) wide material

    ATS MS 420/30S420mm (16 ½” inch) opening

    30mm (1 ¼” inch) wide material

    ATS MSX 420/30S420mm (16 ½” inch) opening

    30mm (1 ¼” inch) wide material


    Dispenser Stand: The optional Dispenser Stand adds mobility to your machine, while meeting the needs of higher production. You’ll have all the advantages of running larger rolls of material with less roll changes and material cost savings in addition to convenient operating by means of adjusted height.


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material


    Up to 26 bands per minute / Up to 33 bands per minute for the MSX

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    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 26 bandings per minute / up to 33 bands per minute for the MSX
    Band width 20mm, 30mm and 50mm (depending upon model)
    Voltage 115 V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz
    Electrical Power ca. 0.2 kW
    Weight 32 kg
    Width 560mm
    Depth 300mm

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 4
    Our multi-operator production line was reduced by one person and increased our production output, while our bundle quality drastically improved. In addition, our material costs decreased by using banding material instead of shrink wrap. This machine will pay for itself in less than a year and a half! Because of the integrity of the banding, we have been able to convert other clients using plastic (poly bags or shrink-wrapping) to the paper banding method. This was a significant labor savings because the banding could be done in-line with the web press. We have had ours for two years and our customers love the ease in which they can remove the bands.

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