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    Ravenwood Nobac 5000V

    Product Description:

    The Ravenwood Packaging Nobac 5000V has been developed to run c-wrap linerless labels only.

    • Applies c-wrap linerless labels to shrink wrap and trayed whole birds
    • Also applies c-wrap linerless labels to a variety of MAP and VSP trays
    • Due to the application method, the 5000V can apply labels with a large back panel
    • Application speeds up to 80ppm
    • Can be linked to weigh scales
    • Able to print catch weight and fixed weight information when a coder is fitted


    • Thermal Transfer Printing


    Applicator and labels are a single engineered system. Contact Wexler Packaging to learn about approved label printers.

    Technical Data

    Speed 80ppm
    Label Length 300mm
    Label/Sleeve Width 55-125mm
    Pack Height 125mm
    Power Supply 110v/240V
    Consumption 0.5kW
    Air Consumption 4cfm

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 3
    I just wanted to thank you for showing us the future of packaging. Our efforts to become a greener company have been helped immensely with our purchase of your Wexler Banding machine. This piece of equipment has been a big help in increasing our throughput and productivity, at minimal cost. The Wexler Company has delivered on time, and with great support. I appreciate your dedication to our company.

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