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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

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    Ravenwood VXR

    Product Description:

    This new compact state-of-the-art Ravenwood VXR X-Ray Inspection Machine with Vision Label Inspection will embrace Vision, X-Ray, and Sealing technology, providing an all-inclusive process for the seamless production of sleeving and contaminate detection, using “Sapphire Technology.” All under the operation of just one machine – the ‘end of line’ solution to meeting the food industry’s stringent requirements. Customers can benefit from fully automating their production lines without the need for manual quality checks. Machines can be built bespoke to feature just one of these elements or all three.


    • Identifies and rejects errors, enabling operator-free end of line automation
    • Automatically detects faulty labels: printing errors and poor-quality print
    • Analyses label position, quantity, and orientation
    • Checks all printed information: bar codes, use-by dates and traceability codes
    • High speed checking via user-friendly interface
    • Factory proven rugged hardware and Software


    • Heightened sensitivity for detecting dense mass / contaminants
    • Identifies foreign bodies such as glass, metal and ceramics
    • Senses bone
    • High speed checking via an easy-to-use interface

    Seal Check:

    • Detects holes in the seal which could result in leaking of fluids
    • Checks foods that have slipped, resulting in contamination of the seal
    • Identifies contaminants through printed film and colored trays
    • Locates the correct position of the product in the tray
    • Number of products in a tray i.e. meatballs / burgers


    • XR – X-Ray Contamination, X-Ray Seal Inspection, Vision Upgradable
    • VR – Vision Label, Inspection X-ray, Upgradable
    • VXR – Vision Label Inspection, X-Ray Contamination, X-Ray Seal Inspection
    • VXR & Nobac 5000 – Vision Label Inspection, X-Ray Contamination, X-Ray Seal Inspection, & Nobac 5000 for applying faultless linerless labels to food trays
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    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 5
    The customer commitment displayed by your group and yourself has been a great experience. I hope we can do more projects together in the future. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you. These reliable workhorses band tens of thousands of product every week, which successfully survive shipment throughout the United States and Canada. These machines load and operate and adjust for various products easily, a must in our business with high volume and equally high variety.

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