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    US-2000 AD

    Product Description:

    Configured as a stand-alone system, the ATS-US-2000 AD Automatic Arch Digital Banding Machine is powerful, reliable and fast. This banding equipment is available in a variety of arch sizes and can be ordered according to the product to ensure maximized cycle time and increased productivity. The multi-functional digital control panel allows for variable tension settings, guaranteeing gentle banding for the softest of tensions and fixed lengths. An adjustable height allows for all working positions to be accommodated.


    • Zero warm up time
    • Multi-functional digital control panel
    • Standard model comes with jumbo roll dispenser
    • Quick material changeover
    • Adjustable height
    • Ultrasonic Technology
    • Easily adjustable product guides


    • Printer Position Control for imprinted banding material
    • Digital Control Unit with external operating panel
    • Support Pin for soft products
    • Horizontal or Vertical


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

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    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 35 bands per minute
    Band width 15mm*, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm*, 50mm, 60mm* (*upon request)

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 5
    We are now able to band our “Core Inventory” at a much faster pace, and the small footprint eases our already tight space situation. The bander fulfils all of our needs and I would highly recommend it. Ease of set-up and operation; quick changeover times make this a valuable addition to our production line, it dramatically increased productivity over our old process. The equipment exceeded all of our expectations and was able to keep up at web press speeds delivering multiple out product. Product was delivering at speeds of 280,000 pieces/hour and were banding in groups of 25 copies. (6,000 straps/hr per unit).

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