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    US-2000 AST-MDM-P-V

    Product Description:

    The US-2000 AST-MDM-P-V is the perfect solution for banding bar-shaped vegetables. Thanks to the integrated thermal transfer printer, logos, EAN codes, expiry date, etc. can be printed directly onto the band. The vertical construction of the banding machine allows the processing of dirty products without soiling the unit.


    • Stainless version available


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 25 bands per minute
    Band width 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 60mm


    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 2
    Anyone can run the machine and it is super quick! The packages always look great! It is truly a remarkable machine. It uses virtually no electricity, requires no set up and produces zero heat. The small footprint helps as well. I am really glad you reached out to me at the perfect time and that you were able to provide me with this excellent solution for my business!

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