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Product Description:

The universal US-2000 AST-TTP with stainless arch and intermittent thermal transfer printer prints variable information such as prices, weight, best before date, batch number, ingredient lists or 1D and 2D codes directly onto the band during banding. Print mark readers enable precise placement of print images on pre-printed or unprinted bands. Print data can be configured via the easy-to-use user interface or transferred from an external source (e.g. database or scale) via an interface. US-2000 AST-TTP processes band widths of 30 mm or 50 mm, depending on the version.


  • Printing of variable information
  • High band tension
  • High cycle performance
  • Up to 4 prints per band
  • Maintenance free sensors
  • Ultra-Sonic Technology


  • Other printer models
  • Printer Markem X45
  • Printer Videojet DF6530 53


Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

Customer Reviews

The customer commitment displayed by your group and yourself has been a great experience. I hope we can do more projects together in the future. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you. These reliable workhorses band tens of thousands of product every week, which successfully survive shipment throughout the United States and Canada. These machines load and operate and adjust for various products easily, a must in our business with high volume and equally high variety.

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