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    US-2000 LD

    Product Description:

    Configured as a stand-alone system, the ATS-US-2000-LD Automatic Banding Machine with Adjustable Loop Size has an easily adjustable loop and an open arch. This enables the machine to function as a fast and efficient working process, especially for smaller products removed from the top. The multi-functional digital control panel allows this bundling machine to band soft tensions and with a fixed length. An adjustable height allows for all working positions to be accommodated. Material is sealed in using the odorless Ultrasonic Technology.


    • Zero warm up time
    • Ultrasonic Technology
    • Digital Control Panel
    • Standard model comes with jumbo roll dispenser
    • Quick material change over
    • Adjustable machine height
    • Easily adjustable product guides
    • Final band monitoring


    Support Pin for soft products

    Color As Desired


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

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    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 30 bands per minute
    Band width 15mm*, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm (*upon request)

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 3
    I just wanted to thank you for showing us the future of packaging. Our efforts to become a greener company have been helped immensely with our purchase of your Wexler Banding machine. This piece of equipment has been a big help in increasing our throughput and productivity, at minimal cost. The Wexler Company has delivered on time, and with great support. I appreciate your dedication to our company.

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