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    US-2000 MLQ-DTS

    Product Description:

    The fully automatic ATS-US-2000-MLQ-DTS Multi-line Banding Machine with Double Turning Station accepts small-boxed product directly from a production line and divides the product into two streams. Easily select the stack size, position of the band and the servo modules on the touch screen. The products are then turned on their side, accumulated into the necessary count, then banded using our signature edge-protecting band. Operation of the three other banding machines is ensured during roll changeover. Quickly receive a return on your investment with this multi-line banding machine, along with the added benefit of lower material costs (compared to shrink film) as well as reduced energy costs (no heat tunnel). Retailers appreciate the rapid tearing of the paper band for POS, with labor savings up to 80%. Depending on the product size, stacks are possible from count of 2 up to count of 10 up. Wide range of box sizes accepted.


    • High performance multi-line banding machine
    • Ultrasonic Technology
    • Processes up to 300 products per minute
    • Optional 2-10 product stacks
    • Fast & Easy product changeover
    • Accepts a wide range of box sizes
    • Efficient banding of small-boxed product


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

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    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 300 products per minute
    Band width 20mm, 30mm, 50mm

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 2
    Anyone can run the machine and it is super quick! The packages always look great! It is truly a remarkable machine. It uses virtually no electricity, requires no set up and produces zero heat. The small footprint helps as well. I am really glad you reached out to me at the perfect time and that you were able to provide me with this excellent solution for my business!

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