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    US-2000 TRW-FD-MP-R 550


    The US-2000 TRW-FD-MP-R Automatic Bundling Machine with Measurement Station bands different sizes of laundry stacks. The personalized printing data and stacking information will be transferred from the central computer. As soon as the stacks are entering the measurement station, the compressed height gets measured. According to the stack height, the printer is set in position, which guarantees a centered print on the top of the stack. It is possible to print personalized information such as barcodes, customer names, 2D codes, dates etc. just in time on the band.


    • Personalized banding of laundry
    • No wrong deliveries, efficient process
    • Four-stage printer adjustments
    • High performance: 22 stacks/min.
    • Environmentally friendly because less waste


    Film, paper, and custom printed banding material

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    Technical Data

    Performance Up to 22 bands per minute
    Band width 30mm

    Customer Reviews

    Testimonial 3
    I just wanted to thank you for showing us the future of packaging. Our efforts to become a greener company have been helped immensely with our purchase of your Wexler Banding machine. This piece of equipment has been a big help in increasing our throughput and productivity, at minimal cost. The Wexler Company has delivered on time, and with great support. I appreciate your dedication to our company.

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