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    2014 Service Training Testimonials

    News Release / July 11, 2014


    “This was my third time attending the service training. Every time I come away learning new ways of troubleshooting the banders.  The seminar gave me insight on how the ATS banding machine works so that I can be more efficient maintaining them. The “Wexler” group I was with makes it fun to visit. You always make everyone feel at home.”


    Brian Wehry, Facility Manager


    “Thanks for allowing me to attend the training at your facility. I was impressed with the whole experience, from the friendly people, impressive facility, great lunch and even the trainers. I wouldn’t change a thing with the training, it seems Wexler has the right combination of knowledge mixed with humor and hands on training to keep the attendees interested and paying attention. I particularly appreciated the fact that the trainers are actually techs and not merely reading from a book or checking with someone else for an answer. I don’t know how Wexler came up with this training package, if they hit it right the first time or kept fine tuning until success was achieved, but it resulted in a training session that others could learn from.”

    Thanks again,

    David Mills, Facilities Manager


    “I enjoyed the service training because we were treated as though you guys have known us for a long time.  I can tell that you truly care about your customers.  I think that the hands on portion of the training is best of all.  We took apart every moving part of the machine and put it back together.  I have some of the passes already from the training session.  Thanks again for the great customer service.  I can honestly say that I was more motivated to buy your equipment because of your commitments to customer satisfaction.”

    Thanks again,

    Ken Myers, Process Engineer

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