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Simple Concepts, Smart Solutions

Today we’re taking a dive into the meaning behind Simple Concepts, Smart Solutions. There are many factors that go into banding, but essentially, the simple concepts that banding presents to you are achieved by the solutions we offer. The versatility of banding makes it applicable to a wide range of industries. From internal use to labeling, distribution or retail, banding can be used in nearly every industry.

First let’s talk bundling. If you’re packaging for distribution, retailers often require bundles in specific configurations. Or maybe you’re a manufacturer looking to unitize your products.

With banding, we offer stand-alone solutions where an operator can insert a bundle into the bander and unitize it in one easy step, with the material of your choice. Even an option as simple as a stand-alone banding machine allows for a durable, strong seal that uses zero heat or adhesive. Banding is gentle on your products and secures them in a clean and safe manner. Smart, right? Well we can even take it a step further with automation.

Depending on the solution you go with, automation can do a lot of the work for you. It presents endless opportunities such as turning, stacking, orienting, the list goes on and on. Have products that need alignment, or counting? We offer those too. And all of these smart solutions point back to ultra-sonic banding. Patented by ATS-Tanner Banding Systems of Switzerland, the ultra-sonic cold-welding system consists of a sonotrode that seals the banding material together without heat buildup or odor emissions, perfect for clean environments. You also have your choice of materials from brown paper, white paper, clear film, a ribbon-like material, perforated film, and materials that are tearable or non-tearable, all of which can be pre-printed if desired.

Next let’s talk about multi-packing. Similar to bundling, multi-packing unitizes multiples of the same products together but for retail, typically sold at a discount, as opposed to purchasing individually. Think, BOGO.

Multipacks can use any material but are commonly seen bundled with pre-printed banding material that displays a special offer. Our smart solutions can cater to the stacking and banding of multipacks. Whether you’re looking for upstacking, or downstacking for heavier products, our automation systems have you covered.

Our next simple concept is labeling, or as we like to call it, branding with banding.

Any of our materials can be pre-printed with up to 10 colors, and we offer material widths up to 100mm, or 4 inches. This extra real estate gives you the opportunity to brand and band your product, all in one step. Our US-2100 systems can accommodate applications using a 3 or 4 inch band, while our US-2000 line applies materials that are 60mm or less.

Here’s one we’ve talked about before, but have we mentioned how easy it is to achieve with banding?

Simple solutions like a thermal transfer printer allow for on-demand printing of variable information. Print product information such as dates, lot numbers, barcodes, and more. Being able to track and trace where your product has been is an important feature to have, especially in today’s climate. It’s also available in conjunction with pre-printed material and has optional print mark control for the perfect placement of information.

In today’s world, sustainability is essential. More and more companies are striving for sustainability in their packaging processes, and we’re here to help.

We offer waste reducing solutions through the use of paper and poly film banding. Easily replace processes such as poly-bagging, chipboard boxes, strapping, and shrink wrap. Paper and poly film are much more cost effective than other materials, and banding uses less material overall. It also reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating excessive energy and heat associated with other alternatives. Depending on which smart solution you go with, banding can also repurpose and save on labor costs while increasing your production rates.

Hopefully by now you have a good understanding of “Simple concepts, smart solutions.” It’s taking these notions we’ve highlighted, seeing how easy they are to achieve by banding, and knowing that your trusted advisors at Wexler Packaging will guide you towards the smartest solution for your product. Remember, when it comes to banding, Wexler has you all wrapped up!


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