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As trusted advisors, we help provide the ideal solution to increase efficiencies while reducing labor and packaging material costs for bundling and labeling.

“When it comes to banding, Wexler has it all wrapped up!”

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Smart Solutions

The solutions we offer at Wexler Packaging Products – such as automatic ultrasonic banding and linerless labeling – have helped pave the way towards a sustainable future in packaging. Explore these concepts that we have developed around the advantages of these solutions.

Simple Concepts… Smart Solutions

There are many factors that go into banding, but essentially, the simple concepts that banding presents to you are achieved by the simple solutions we offer. The versatility of banding makes it applicable to a wide range of industries. From internal use to labeling, distribution or retail, banding can be used in nearly every industry.

Remember, when it comes to banding, Wexler has you all wrapped up!

Go Green with Banding

Less Waste = Less Burden On The Environment

Wexler Packaging Products offer waste reduction solutions through the use of paper and poly film banding. We believe that a commitment to the environment should not be a financial burden to your company. Easily replace processes such as poly-bagging, chipboard boxes and shrink wrap. Paper and poly film bands are often less expensive than other bundling processes and have the added benefit of providing new packaging solutions. Explore the possibilities and discover banding! 

Linerless Labels


Unlike traditional p/s labels, linerless labels do not have backing paper, which reduces the amount of waste normally generated by high-speed labeling systems. With a lower carbon footprint and reduced packaging coverage, linerless labeling systems replace typical sleeve and label applications with an environmental, economic and functional alternative. Available in various papers or synthetic material. 

Banding for E-Commerce

The demand for shopping online is on the rise. As of 2019, 14% of retail consumers worldwide utilized e-commerce avenues. By 2023, the amount of online consumers worldwide is expected to increase by 67%. Banding e-commerce products gives your product the protection it needs. Banding bags of apparel, shoes, and other retail items is a quick and efficient solution for increasing distribution rates and fulfilling orders faster.

Display Ready Packaging with Banding

Display ready packaging (also known as shelf ready packaging) comes in many forms. And while the visual merchandising advantages are obvious, many producers still want to reduce their material and packaging costs. Securing display ready packaging with Ultra-Sonic Banding allows for the reduction of a number of types of packaging while fitting a wide variety of product types and shapes. Take a look at the PDF below to learn more!

Zero Damage

Reduce the need for over-runs and eliminate damage caused by using traditional “rigid” strapping. Banding using Wexler’s “foamed-white” polyproylene MATERIAL compliments high-quality boxes. Now you can look as great as your products!  BANDING = ZERO DAMAGE 

This Not That

Going green? Consider banding instead of traditional bundling processes such as poly-bagging, chipboard boxes and shrink wrap. Wexler Packaging Products is proud to offer waste reduction solutions through the use of paper and poly film banding while passing on significant cost-savings. Explore the possibilities and discover banding!

Losing Bundle Integrity


Processes such as bullseye and shrink bundling can damage product by pulling and bending panels during the heat process. This results in damage to boxes and a reduced quality of on-shelf appearance. Unlike shrink wrap, the banding process provides straight panels for a perfect bundle! Additional benefits of banding include easy stacking for transporting that also helps protect panels from being bent. Take a look at the advantage banding can bring you: