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The Meaning of This…Not That

Have you ever thought about going green? Or even merely what it means to “go green?” “This…Not That” is a paradigm shift we developed that at its core simply means that less waste equals less burden on the environment. Consider taking a look at what packaging materials you are currently using, and think about what could be considered excessive, or what the minimal amount of materials would look like. Is there anything you could eliminate, or swap for an alternative?

When you consider banding over traditional bundling processes, such as poly-bagging, chipboard boxes, shrink wrapping, etc., you open yourself up to a new realm of opportunities. It gives you the potential to use much less materials while increasing and decreasing in many other areas. We are proud to offer waste-reduction solutions through our use of paper and poly film banding. Wexler Packaging strongly believes what a commitment to the environment should not be a financial burden to your company, but rather an opportunity to explore alternative packaging solutions, like banding.

Banding is a process that uses paper or poly film, which are inherently less expensive than other bundling processes, and it has the added benefit of providing new packaging solutions. It also maintains a strong, secure weld with tension that can be adjusted to your preference.

Reducing waste is about more than what you throw away. Bundling products using banding is much more sustainable, both for the environment and for consumers, and it’s much more cost effective for both you and the consumer and allows for a much higher throughput. By using other less “green” alternatives, you are cutting down on sustainability, reducing your output potential and most likely using a much more costly process. 

Banding comes with a heap of benefits, and it all starts with identifying room for potential and selecting the right bundling alternative, which our trusted advisors take great pride in. Our paper or poly bands can replace costly and potentially damaging materials like chipboards, polybags, rubber bands, plastic straps, shrink film, and more. The possibilities are endless with banding, so let’s explore the possibilities!


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