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The Possibilities of Linerless Labeling

3 minute read

If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen us talk about linerless labeling. Wexler Packaging Products represents Ravenwood Packaging, a UK-based company who manufactures linerless labeling applicators, such as the Nobac 500. We have been privileged to help introduce linerless technology in the United States, offering companies high-quality backless labels that reduce waste, lower costs, and promote product branding. With over ten possible label formats, linerless labeling can achieve many goals a company may have, such as reducing production costs, reducing carbon footprint, and increasing productivity.

Unlike traditional P/S labels, linerless labels do not have a paper backing, which in common scenarios is peeled off and creates waste. These labels simply have strips of adhesive on the back only where it is necessary to adhere to the product. This feature reduces packaging waste by 60%. The many label formats provide options for almost every food product and can replace cumbersome options like full cardboard sleeves. Label options include just the top of a tray, top and one side, top and two sides, C-wrap, D-wrap, full wrap, and more. Linerless labels can be applied to a standard tray, or to skin packs including protruding and super protruding skin packs.

In terms of production, a machine like the Nobac 500 can apply labels to products at a rate of up to 150 per minute. Not only does this machine allow for a reduction of carbon footprint, but it also reduces your physical footprint, measuring at only 4ft by 2ft. The Nobac 500 is a versatile machine that eliminates the need to turn packs and is designed for maximum flexibility. It even offers the option for a thermal transfer printer to print variable information such as weights, prices, and origin. In today’s world, traceability, especially in food, is of the utmost importance. The added layer of on-demand printing offers the possibility to print exactly where a product originated from. If an outbreak occurs, recalls can quickly and efficiently be traced back to the source.

Ravenwood Packaging recently introduced a piece of equipment called a VXR – vision, x-ray and seal detection with sapphire technology. This technology can be connected to the Nobac 500 and provides vision label inspection and uses x-ray technology to detect contamination and seal quality. The Nobac 500 in conjunction with the VXR provides all of these things allowing for seamless and faultless application of linerless labels to food trays. As Ravenwood Packaging says, the VXR is the end-of-line solution provider and this game-changing technology allows companies to meet the demands of supermarkets and outperform manual operations.


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