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The Power of Safety in Food Packaging

With the amount of recalls and contamination outbreaks in today’s world, security and traceability in food packaging is of the utmost importance. Transparency in packaging means manufacturers are completely honest about what is in a product. Clear product information is necessary to consumers and a growing concern. People want to know what they’re buying and where it came from. They want to look at a product and be able to tell instantly what it is and have easy access to ingredients, nutrition info, directions, and more.

Traceability allows consumers to track a product back to its point of origin, and that’s a necessity nowadays. Many products have always relied on some form of traceability to ensure customer safety and product reliability. Take banding for example. A simple, cost-effective band with variable data printed right on the band ensures an unbroken chain of movement for a product, from the point of origin to the end user’s hands. This eliminates the liability of product loss or contamination and creates supply chain accountability.

Clear and concise packaging promotes trust and comfort in a company’s brand. The desire for transparency isn’t going anywhere. Consumers are only growing more likely to purchase products that have clear product information. Aside from knowing what is in a product, consumers also want to see the product they’re buying, which is especially important in the food industry. People want the best of both worlds – simple, easy-to-read product information while being able see the item inside. With innovations like banding and linerless labeling, food items can be labeled with information-filled material, while using less material that shows more of the product.

Cleanliness and safety matter now more than ever. This means products are safe to use and don’t contain any harmful parts or ingredients. It means a promise of sanitation and the absence of contaminants. Most importantly in the food and medical industries, consumers want reassurance that what they are purchasing is safe and healthy, and traceability helps with this. When manufacturers provide clear information about where a product comes from, it adds a layer of comfort and doesn’t leave consumers wondering. Using innovation like the VXR X-ray Imaging System from Ravenwood Packaging, food producers can incorporate an advanced, automated contamination detection system within production lines, ensuring they can confidently keep up with demand without having to worry about a dreaded recall.

It’s important for food manufacturers to know and understand the importance of safe packaging. We offer several safe alternatives and options for the food industry and staying up to date on the latest packaging innovations can help manufacturers give their end users the best experience possible.


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