IPPE 2021


ATS US-2100 AD

The Ultra-Sonic US-2100 AD-R processes paper and film bands with 75mm or 100mm (3” or 4”) widths. The stainless-steel construction allows for production in damp or humid environments and is also suitable for incorporation into fully automatic systems.

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Ravenwood Nobac 500

Composed of durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the versatile Nobac 500 Linerless Labeling System is capable of applying numerous label formats to a variety of products, all with just one machine. Ideal for retailers and packers, the inline Nobac 500 eliminates the need to turn packs, and is designed for maximum flexibility and rapid changeover between wrap formats. Utilizing linerless labels, wasteful and non-recyclable backing paper is eliminated. Sleeving with the Nobac 500 is possible in both fixed and variable weight modes, with sleeving up to 150 ppm in fixed weight mode. 

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The ATS US-2100 IBL-CB-R is a “branding with banding” packaging solution, achieving product bundling and promotion in one-step. Featuring a wide format, this automatic system accommodates band widths of 75mm or 100mm (3” or 4”), running paper, poly film or pre-printed materials. It can process up to 30 bands per minute (depending on product). New capacity and efficiency improvements specifically for the food industry include stainless steel construction for use in damp or humid environments. 

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The fully automatic ATS US-2000 PIC-STA is an inline multi-stacking and ultra-sonic banding system for products of varying shapes and sizes. The intermediate stacker allows for fluent, non-stop production, processing 60-120 products/min. while building stacks of 2-12 products (depending on product). Now available with a glue applicator option for maximized holding force between slippery products.

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Ravenwood VXR

This new compact state-of-the-art machine will embrace Vision, X-Ray, and Sealing technology, providing an all-inclusive process for the seamless production of sleeving and contaminate detection. All under the operation of just one machine – the ‘end of line’ solution provider to meet the food industry’s stringent requirements. Customers can benefit from fully automating their production lines without the need for manual quality checks. Machines can be built bespoke to feature just one of these elements or all three.