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Upholding Integrity in Packaging

2 minute read

Integrity – what does it mean? It’s a quality of fairness and a concept of honesty; showing a consistent adherence to a value or values. From a company standpoint, it’s a promise to uphold our core values and our mission to deliver products and services exceeding expectations. And what about from a packaging standpoint? For packaging, it is the state of maintaining its desired form.

Pain Points:

We at Wexler Packaging Products believe that packaging integrity can be achieved with banding. Processes such as bullseye shrink bundling, shrink wrapping, strapping, or other methods involving heat or adhesive can damage products. These processes can pull and bend panels during the heat process or damage the product during traditional “rigid” strapping. Damage to products results in a reduced quality of on-shelf appearance, or even loss of product resulting in increased costs and waste. Aside from damage, this material is often difficult for retailers to unwrap and can involve tools or sharp objects to unwrap and stock shelves.

The Solution:

Unlike these alternatives, the banding process provides straight panels for a perfect bundle. Other benefits of banding include easy stacking for transporting that helps protect panels from being bent. 58% of consumers say that packaging damage turns them away from a product. Banding uses ultra-sonic welding to securely bundle with zero damage or residue. Banding is achieved with paper, film, or a “ribbon-like” material, all which safely tension down around a product and are firmly welded. By packaging your products with banding versus other alternatives, you are introduced to a new realm of advantages. Less damage, less waste, and less costs. Get in touch today to start protecting your product!

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