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Wexler Packaging Products, Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2024

January 2024: Wexler Packaging Products, Inc. is proud to announce its celebration of a milestone – its 50th anniversary of helping companies enhance and streamline their packaging processes. Back in 1974, a seed was planted by Max Wexler for what would one day become known in the packaging industry as Wexler Packaging Products, Inc.

Max Wexler started this business 50 years ago selling packaging supplies in the PA/NJ/DE area, finding much success with self-sealing paper bands. He introduced his daughter – and Wexler Packaging’s current President – Pattie Wexler, to the company in 1978 as a salesperson. As years went on and trends shifted, Wexler adapted to the industry changes and worked hard to find its “niche.” A Packaging Pioneer as she’s been known in the industry, Pattie Wexler soon discovered automatic banding machines as an alternative to hand-applied bands. Through learning the ins and outs of packaging and always asking just one more question, Pattie turned this packaging company into one of the leading suppliers of banding and linerless technology.

Throughout its history, Wexler has made a name for itself, always offering sustainable, “green” packaging solutions and cultivating a company standard we like to call “The Wexler Difference.” This means that Wexler will always be there for you, whether in the form of a trusted advisor, technical support, placing an order, or anything else you may need. It also means going above and beyond, asking that one more question. The Wexler Difference is what sets Wexler apart from the rest and allows us to call ourselves leaders in the industry.

Today, Wexler Packaging proudly represents ATS-Tanner of Switzerland in 40% of the United States and Puerto Rico, offering a full range of banding equipment and materials. Wexler also represents Ravenwood Packaging for fully automated linerless labeling systems. These partnerships have allowed us to join forces with one purpose, to offer high quality equipment and materials. In 2007, Wexler achieved another milestone by becoming WBENC certified. As a certified Women-Owned business, many doors have been opened to great business opportunities with companies that find the importance in Supplier Diversity partners.

The entire Wexler Team thanks our partners, customers and colleagues for continuous support over the years and helping us grow into the company we are today. Cheers to the next 50 years!

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