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Wexler Packaging’s New Website Launch 2023

The wait is over! Our much-anticipated new website has officially launched. Our Executive and Marketing teams have been working tirelessly to brainstorm, strategize, and develop our new site to be user-friendly, pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate. We were proud to partner with a fellow women-owned company and grateful to have found such a pleasant group of professionals to work with.

Upon visiting our site, you will notice its fresh, clean look with updated photos, samples, videos and more. The site is designed to cater to a range of minds, but in the end all roads lead to Wexler. We carefully and purposefully created multiple avenues to get to the same sustainable solutions. Learn for yourself why the alternative solutions we offer are ideal, or easily find ways to contact our trusted advisors. Need to speak with another department? Visit our contact page for sales inquiries, employment, customer service, and technical support. And if you aren’t already receiving our quarterly newsletter, you can subscribe to that on this page too!

New features include a detailed FAQ page that answers questions about the machinery, labels, material, purchasing, and more. Are you in a specific industry? Visit the Applications page to find a compilation of information, machines, photos and videos tailored to each industry we serve. We strongly encourage you to visit our media gallery which showcases an extensive filterable library of videos, blogs, photos, samples, and articles.

No more having to travel to a different web page to visit our blog. You can “grow with Wexler” right on our website and see all of our future and past blog posts, highlighting topics such as ready meals, sustainability, label trends, and so much more. You can read all about ‘our difference’ and what sets us apart from the rest on the Wexler Difference page, along with our story and how we came to be the passionate, knowledgeable team we are today. Put faces to names of those you may have spoken to before by visiting the Our Team page.

We are so excited to have you visit our new website and hope you find it to be easy to navigate, informative and straightforward. We hope that you take a few moments to visit our new website at and explore the possibilities of working with Wexler Packaging.

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