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Why Display-Ready Packaging Loves Banding

For those in the manufacturing or pharmaceutical industry, there is a lot you need to think about when packaging your retail-ready products. You want to protect your product(s) for transportation and distribution, but it’s 2021…which means we need to protect our environment as well.

Display-ready packaging (also known as shelf-ready packaging) comes in many forms. While visual merchandising advantages are obvious, many manufacturers are still focused on reducing their material and packaging costs. Securing display-ready packaging with ultra-sonic banding allows for the elimination of several other types of packaging, and is able to fit a wide variety of product types and shapes.

Let’s take a look at some drawbacks to the alternatives, such as traditional cumbersome cardboard boxes. Employees stocking shelves in retail stores may need to open these boxes with box cutters or other sharp objects. This inherently opens the opportunity for not only injuries to the employee, but also for damage to the products inside. By eliminating the box and replacing it with a four-sided case secured with a single band, there are no sharp objects needed to open. Shelf stockers can simply tear, place on the shelf and go. This leads to less damage and quicker restocking, which can cut labor costs while also cutting down on material costs.

Another advantage to display-ready packaging is that retailers could be more encouraged to put your product front and center on end cap displays, and on sale more often. Regardless, you’ll stand out on any shelf and reap the benefits of pleasing retailers with lower stocking times and reduced labor and energy costs.  

Finally, less packaging means less costs. By switching from traditional corrugated boxes or excess plastic wrap to banding, you could save up to 45% on materials. A four-sided case secured with a band is enough to protect your product while giving you a noticeable reduction in the costs of materials. At the end of the day, you and your customers will thank you for making the switch to banding!


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